Tomato Allergy Treatment

Tomato Allergy

Tomato is a popular fruit and widely consumed in western countries as a vegetable. Actually, this food is quite common and cultivated all over the world and a lot of recipes need this fruit to make the dish tastes different and better. A salad without tomato is not complete. But if you are suffering from tomato allergy, then you should consider yourself very unlucky. This allergy is quite rare but can cause some damage if not treated seriously.

Tomato is a food allergen which creates discomfort for a lot of people after consumption. The protein in the raw tomato is responsible for tomato allergy. After cooking or frying, heat renders this protein almost completely. As a result most people do not find any problems eating cooked tomatoes. But still, if you ever had allergic problems after ingesting even a tiny amount of it then the suggestion is to avoid both raw and cooked tomatoes. Allergic reaction with tiny amount is more serious as it proves that you are more sensitive to it. Although the protein is supposed to be blown away by heating but this is not always the case.

The tomato is regarded as a member of the nightshade group which includes potatoes, tobacco, peepers, aubergine, chili peepers etc. All these items can cause severe reactions who are suffering from it. Usually the severity is mild but depending on tolerance level it can cause anaphylactic shock for many people which is life threatening. If you are too sensitive, keep yourself away from even canned tomatoes, processed tomatoes and tomato sauce.

Why does Tomato Allergy Occur to Some People?

The reason for tomato allergy is just about similar to other food allergy and that is because of the immune system. For some people, when they consume tomato, the immune system suspects the protein as an attack for the body. In that case, to save the body from unusual attack antibody is produced by the immune system. The antibody and protein of fruit try to demolish each other and this produces few other chemicals. Amid all of them Histamine is produced in an excessive manner. This chemical hits the soft tissue such as the skin. Eventually this Histamine creates all the symptoms of allergy. Some people can’t distinct between an allergy and intolerance. The tomato intolerance is a bit different which is caused due to its internal chemical disorder. Tomato contains salicylate which is derived from salicylic acid. Due to some reasons, few people can’t tolerate this chemical and they start vomiting as soon as they consume tomato. The stomach cramp and diarrhea are some of the other symptoms of tomato intolerance. It takes time for tomato intolerance to show its effect. It could take some hours to even the next day. But in contrast, the effect of allergy is quick and severe. This is important to learn about the differences as the treatment would vary on this. The tomato allergy in baby is also common and this is always a hard task to understand their problem and treat them according to the traditional way. The baby usually suffers from skin rashes, swelling faces and itching on different parts of the body.

Common Symptoms:

The symptoms of tomato allergy are a great way to anticipate whether you are really allergic to it or not. You must remember them in order to detect it quickly.

  • Anaphylaxis (very rare)
  • Breathing difficulty
  • Chest tightening
  • Coughing
  • Eczema
  • Gastro-intestinal problems
  • Headache
  • Hives
  • Itching in the throat
  • Perioral dermatitis
  • Rhinitis
  • Skin rashes
  • Swelling face
  • Tingling lips
  • Wheezing


This is always important to first conduct some tests with the help of the doctor in order to diagnose the exact food allergy. Sometime the systems can be similar to other food allergies and without a test this is hard to predict. You can visit the nearby hospital and the doctor would do tests like a prick or blood test. The purpose is to detect IgE immunoglobulin in the body. This is not a very difficult or complicated task and you should get the report without much deferred. If the report tells that you have tomato allergy, then the concerned doctor would suggest you what to do.


There is no better remedy than self treatment and this is to keep yourself away from it. That means, you should not bother to add this to any recipe when you are allergic to tomato. Don’t even come close to any dish which are made from tomatoes. The tomato free sauce can be an alternative which is available in the shop. Some vitamins such as C and E, glucosamine are very effective against allergies and this is worth to try them. If you are looking for any supplement which reduces the effect of tomato allergy then it is recommended to first take advice from the doctor. Don’t be satisfied with the alluring advertisements from different brands. For skin rashes, the ointment should work. Although it is hard to exclude this red fruit from recipes, but there are tomato free recipes over the internet and you should learn some of them. As the reaction is severe in most cases, thus antihistamine and steroid should do the work. If hypersensitivity becomes severe, consulting a doctor is the best option especially if the patient can sense anaphylactic reaction.