Sugar Allergy Test

Sugar Allergy

The sugar is a sweet flavored substance which we intake naturally or as an added ingredient. Everybody knows about it due to its extensive usage to bring a sweet taste to foods. Can you imagine cake, ice cream, chocolate, juice, tea, coffee without a couple of spoons of sugar? You definitely can’t. But the fact is that many people are suffering from sugar allergy and the foods which contain sugar are strictly prohibited for them. Usually the symptoms are mild but can be disastrous if immediate and proper action in not taken on time. The sufferer can experience skin inflammation, respiratory and gastrointestinal problem such as bloating, vomiting etc. The reaction can be severe upon the volume of consumption of sugar. Beside this, a lot of fruits, vegetables and sugarcane contain it naturally. The white looking powder on pots is called sucrose, which is another form of sugar. So, if you are already consuming sugar naturally in a regular manner, there is no need to add it with foods additionally. Along with sucrose, there are a variety of forms of sugar such as fructose and all of them can cause sugar allergy. The raw, processed or refined sugar should not be allowed for a person who has an allergy problem with sugar.

Why Does this Occur?

The immune system of the body does not let the protein of the sugar to enter into the body for them who are suffering from sugar allergy. Whenever the sufferer tries to consume some sugar, immune system blocks it by suspecting it as an invader. The immune system of the body infers this as a threat to the body. To kill the protein, it produces antibody IgE which eventually fights against the protein of the sugar. As a consequence, a new chemical called Histamine is produced excessively and causes those allergic reactions in the body. This is how the sugar allergy causes.

The sugar intolerance is a bit different from the allergy and many people mix them up without knowing the facts. The intolerance problem occurs when the body can’t digest sugar naturally due to a chemical imbalance and it has nothing to do with the immune system of the body. The reaction is mild and it takes a couple of hours to the next day to show its adverse effects. So, you should not worry a lot about it as you may recover from sugar intolerance without taking any medicine.

Sugar Allergy Symptoms:

These are the symptoms of sugar allergy which is found when reaction triggers up. You should remind them in order to detect the problem as soon as it occurs.

  • Asthmatic attack
  • Cough
  • Cravings
  • Depression
  • Diabetes Concerns
  • Diarrhea
  • Fatigue
  • Hives
  • Hyperactivity
  • Irritable Bowel
  • Osteoporosis
  • Skin rash
  • Stomach Bloating
  • Swelling
  • Wheezing

Can I Detect It through Medical Tests?

To diagnose the sugar allergy, the doctor has to do some tests. It is rather difficult to diagnose this allergy as most of the foods that we take have some form of sugar. One test, which is commonly conducted, is named Oral Judgment. During this test, the patient is offered to consume foods with sugar and no sugar version. If you have an allergy to sugar, the symptoms will start revealing and you will be declared as positive in the test. The skin prick test is another effective way which is fast and almost accurate to detect any food allergy. During this test, sugar concentration will be ingested underneath the skin and doctor will closely observe which symptoms show up in the applied area. Beside this, a blood test can be done by doctors as well in order to detect antibodies in the blood. Some people suffer by sugar intolerance rather than  allergy.

How to Treat It?

The doctor should prescribe necessary medicines for the patient depending on the sensitivity. The antihistamine should be carried every time for a quick relief. You may have heard about anaphylaxis, which is the worst scenario for an allergy patient. To avoid a death from anaphylactic attack, you must carry epinephrine injections with you. The best option is to avoid all sorts of foods which are either made from sugar or naturally has it. Look for the alternatives of natural sugar for sugar allergy diet. You should start using sugar free tablets or powder for tea, coffee or even for some dishes. Due to the huge number of diabetes patients in the world, there is always an alternative of sugar free packaged food in the supermarket. This sweet substance is always an abusive food item which can be the prime reason for weight gain, fatigue, diabetes, depression and hypersensitivity. By avoiding it, you can get away from few other diseases and this is certainly a positive. There is no permanent cure when the problem is an allergy. So you have to change your lifestyle in a way so that you can always avoid it and be on  the safe side.