Strawberry Allergy

Strawberry is a delicious looking fruit and everybody loves to take a bite of it. The alluring red color, characteristic aroma and sweetness has made this fruit attractive to everyone. The fruit is cultivated mostly in cold countries. Although, this amazing fruit is pricey, still the demand is always at the peak. But strawberry allergy is always frustrating and the sufferer is unable to enjoy this juicy fruit due to allergic reaction. The number of sufferers is less in number in comparing to other food allergies. Upon smelling and touching the fruit, strawberry allergy can trigger among both babies and adults too. But usually the reaction is very mild and it hardly becomes the cause of death. This is not a life threatening allergen usually, but necessary caution should always be taken. It can cause severe health damage and thus it is better to ignore it whenever you can if you are a sufferer. The strawberry allergy rash can damage skin and more destructive for babies. One more common symptoms is hives. It can be prominent in any part of the body. The outcome of hives is very itchy and thus usually makes it hard to go in public with it. But the sufferer usually does not face skin burning due to hives. The hives can be present for a few days once observed at any location of the body.

Strawberry is a useful fruit which is used as ingredients for a lot of packaged¬† foods and products. The strawberry leaves are used to produce cosmetics and herbal teas. Shampoo, conditioner and some beauty product involve strawberry as an inevitable element. Some medicines and skin care products use it too. It is regardless to say that it is widely used as a flavor of air freshener. You may have seen people started sneezing as soon as a strawberry flavored air freshener is sprayed in the room. That is because he/she is allergic to strawberry. But the fake strawberry flavor is free from allergies as this does not have the real protein in it. Strawberry pie is extremely popular as a dessert. But a sufferer can’t eat it, actually they should avoid from roaming around the place where anything made with strawberries are available. The white and yellow berries are scarce of the protein and can be used as an alternative for those who has the restriction over consuming red strawberry. These days the farmers are up for cultivating more and more yellow and white one for the allergy sufferer.

Possible Reasons for Strawberry Allergy:

The protein of strawberry is responsible for the adverse allergic reaction. The name of the protein is Fragaria allergen 1. When the people who have been suffering from strawberry allergy consumes this fruit, the immune system of the body infers it as an invader to the body. Thus to block it from entering into the body, the system releases antibody called IgE for the purpose of fighting against the protein. At this time, a chemical named Histamine is produced in an excessive manner which usually causes the strawberry allergies.

Strawberry Allergy Symptoms:

The symptoms stated below found in most patients who are allergic to strawberry. If you are unsure, call or visit a local allergist who can guide you.

  • Burning lips
  • Congestion
  • Difficulties in breathing
  • Hives
  • Intestinal distress
  • Itchiness
  • Redness
  • Skin rashes
  • Swelling
  • Tingling mouth

Treatment Options for the Sufferers:

The best treatment of strawberry allergy is to avoid strawberry containing foods at any cost. This fruit is very alluring but upon eating, smelling or even touching it, you may experience a few bad days with discomfort. There are no exact medical reasons about why some people suffer from this allergy and some are not. So, it is hard to set a lifestyle to avoid it upon prediction. You can only realize that you have strawberry allergy when you will start suffering for the first time. But before going for any treatment, it is important to verify the fact that you are genuinely struggling from this.

What Tests Are Available?

The skin prick test is enough for verification and the doctor can do it in the lab. If you visit a doctor, they might offer antihistamine which will provide a quick relief. The antihistamine is the most recommended medicine by any allergist. Actually the treatment will vary depending the severity of allergy and how much affected you are. The treatment will be different for different parts of the body. The treatment will not be same for nose and throat or skin rashes and swelling. The doctors may not prescribe any medicine in case of mild reaction which sometime turn out as strawberry intolerance. The intolerance problem causes due to an unusual digestive system of the body and not because of the immune system. In rare occasions, strawberry allergies can cause anaphylactic shock which is deadly. If the reaction is severe, it is always important to visit a doctor and take medications. In emergency cases of patients, an EpiPen or other epinephrine injector can play a vital role to bring relief to the patient. This injector can prevent deadly anaphylaxis to set in. Beware of this situation as FDA (US Food and Drug Administration) reports that anaphylaxis leads around 30,000 people to go under emergency condition each year in the USA only.

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