Caffeine Allergy

This is weird to hear that people can have an allergic reaction to caffeine. A lot of people would really be surprised to know about caffeine or coffee allergy for the first time ever in life. Even a lot of doctors are unaware about this fact. You may have heard a lot about other food items such as egg, milk, fish, peanuts that are very common allergens, but what about caffeine? Caffeine is one of the widely used compound substances which act as an ingredient in many foods such as coffee, tea, chocolate, coca cola, soda, cigarette etc. These are not our main food, but can you think about a day without having any of those? To energize our body and to feel fresh both mentally and physically we usually take either tea or coffee depending on the preferences of individuals. The kids and even adults love chocolate in a great deal. Soda can create stimulation in the body which removes tiredness. Smoking cigarette is already dangerous to health and with the addition of caffeine it turns into deadly. Thus you can realize all the caffeine containing foods are addictive and it is literally hard to plan for a lifestyle without it.

This is hard to predict the availability of caffeine allergy as you hardly can expect it. As an example, in a morning you would love to have a rich breakfast with lots of healthy foods. After that you definitely need a cup of coffee or tea. Within a few minutes, you can start feeling an adverse reaction in the body. To search for the exact reason, you will be finding all the ingredients or foods that you took in the breakfast except coffee or tea, because allergy to coffee may sound insane to you. But it could be caffeine allergy and it goes unnoticed because of your ignorance. But such allergy is harmful for body by both mentally and physically. The mental disorder includes difficulties to focus on a particular thing, frequent mood swing, dizziness, confusion and making things complex etc. Such disorders get worse by consuming more and more caffeine over time. The physical problem such as fatigue, headache, skin rash, hives, chest pain occurs only when you come in contact with it or eat any caffeine containing food. By avoiding caffeine from diet chart, you can get rid of physical disorders. But mental disorders are permanent if it is not diagnosed at initial period. You must take proper treatment if you’re signed positive to caffeine allergy. It can create a psychosis disorder which is very hard to negotiate in future life.

Is that an Allergy or an Intolerance?

The caffeine allergy can sometimes be very irritating and usually shows its reaction within few minutes. Some people might have an intolerance or sensitivity to caffeine which is different from allergy. The intensity of intolerance is very mild and does not have any relation to the immune system of the body. But allergy reaction should be taken as a serious matter and it is life threatening in some cases. The body immune system usually blocks the substances which they think are harmful for body. When a sufferer ingests even a trace of caffeine containing food, the immune system thinks it as a harmful substance for the body and releases IgE antibody. It comes in contact with the protein of caffeine and produce histamine. This excessive histamine can cause inflammation to soft tissues of the body.

Caffeine Allergy Symptoms:

These are the most common symptoms found in general cases. If you find any similarity, still consult a doctor and undergo for a medical test for confirmation.

  • Anxiety and mood swing
  • Delusions
  • Depression
  • Dizziness
  • Fatigue
  • Headache
  • Jitters
  • Lack of concentration
  • Muscle Pain
  • Numbness
  • Panic attacks
  • Rash, hives, itching
  • Shortness of breaths
  • Skin inflammation

How to Diagnose and Conduct Tests:

The tests should  be conducted under specialist doctor’s supervision and in his lab. Don’t try to do anything at home. There are two most common tests which can diagnose this problem. They are skin-prick test and blood test. While conducting a caffeine allergy test, a trace of caffeine will be ingested underneath your skin and doctors will thoroughly check whether it creates any irritation in you. If the test results of skin inflammation, you are definitely positive to hypersensitivity to. The blood test is optional depending on the suggestion of the doctor. As you contact an allergist, he/she can suggest you the way to follow.

Available Treatment:

In most cases, if you can avoid ingesting any caffeine containing food, you can live a happy life and this is the best caffeine allergy treatment. If you are addicted to such foods which contain caffeine, try to replace it with substitutions. Instead of drinking coffee or tea, try some orange or lemon juice which has a lot of benefits. The herbal coffee and vitamin B6 should do the work as well. To stay fresh all the day, build up a habit of eating an apple every day. The physical activity such as jumping, jogging or playing an outdoor game can keep your mind sound and cheerful.

In extreme cases, when the Anaphylaxis causes it is important to send the patient immediately to the hospital for a quick relief. Otherwise, the anaphylactic shock can result in death within a few moments if necessary treatment is not given to the sufferer. There is an injection for caffeine allergy which can help to reduce the severity. The antihistamine is the most recommended medicine and in anaphylactic shock Epinephrine injection is a must. Steroids are only used if Epinephrine is not enough. Furthermore, only take the medicines that a doctor suggests.

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