About Food Allergy and How to Survive!

Food Allergy is one of the most common disorders that people find irritating all over the world. It does not have a permanent cure, but can be controlled or avoided by eliminating the food from the diet chart which are responsible for creating the reactions. This website will tell you about the different food allergens, causes, symptoms and their treatments in an appropriate way which you must know for basic knowledge and prevention. It is certain that the reasons for food allergies are more or less same for every case. The best way to diagnose it is to conduct lab tests under specialist allergists and scrutinizes the symptoms. First of all, you must know what are allergies, their causes and symptoms, necessary treatment in a generic way.

What are Food Allergy:

This is a disorder which is actually a hypersensitivity of the body immune system. This is regarded as a damaging or weak immune system response against a harmless substance. The symptoms will be different for various foods, dust, pollen, fur etc. The substances which are responsible for allergy or allergies are called “Allergens”. The severity can vary from mild to severe depending on the sensitivity of an individual and amount of consumption of a particular food. If you are in the outdoor, it can be tough to survive especially if it is severe. So, beware of the foods that cause an allergic reaction to you. You can find more valuable information on how to survive in the outdoor here – http://www.tacticalogy.com/survival-tips/

Causes of Food Allergy:

Most common food allergies cause due to the immune system of the body. The immune system is a protector which is responsible for protecting body from any foreign substance which may or may not be harmful for body by producing an immune response. The system is very sensitive and whenever someone consumes a particular food which he is allergic to, the immune system suspects it as a dangerous substance for the body. To kill the suspicious substance, it starts releasing antibody called Immunoglobulin E (IgE), which produces a lot of chemicals including histamine. The excessive activation of histamine causes inflammation which we call allergies. The protein in food usually creates such unusual activity. One can have food allergy either by consuming it or by coming in contact with it.

Symptoms of Food Allergy:

The symptoms of food allergy are very important to know as it is the only way to understand which allergies you have been suffering for. You can find the generic symptoms of allergy which are very common in below. For symptoms of a particular food allergy, go over that section. Still the best way is to consult a doctor and follow his guidance. Any disease or disorder should be treated as a concern and you should react immediately for safety and less damage. The most common food allergy symptoms are:

Hives: An allergic to foods is often seen to have hives on the surface of skin which is raised, red welts and quite itchy.

Vomit: It can cause due to allergies or intolerance of a food which is throwing up through the stomach and out of the mouth.

Wheeze: Allergies certainly cause difficulties in breathing and as a result high pitched whistling sound can be created during breathing which is known as wheezing.

Dermatitis: Dermatitis are also regarded as eczema in lucid terms for general people. When it happens, one can experience redness in skin with rashes and blisters. Skin will be itchy, swelling, skin lesions with scarring and oozing.

Runny nose: When the nasal cavity is filled up with a lot of mucous fluid which creates different to breathe smoothly, the condition is often regarded as Runny nose or Rhinorrhea.

Breathing difficulties: It makes breathing difficult, something like you are not getting enough air. The medical term is Dyspnea.

Swelling: It occurs when the amount of fluids is increased and due to this a part of the body such as skin enlargements more than natural.

Abdominal pain: It is found in between the chest and groin area which is referred to belly as well.

Anaphylactic shock: This is the most severe reaction of an allergy and often causes death. It is a shock which occurs in only extreme case.

Treatment of Food Allergy:

The treatment for food allergies can be divided into two parts – Allergens Avoidance and Medications.

Allergens Avoidance: As you already know, Allergies cannot be cured permanently and thus the best way to go is avoiding a particular food which you are allergic to. Beside this the foods which contain those allergens should be avoided in every occasion. But remember to balance out the nutrients you are losing from diet chart due to this. The alternative foods can be consumed after making sure they are not from the same family. This is the best way as prevention is always better than cure.

Medications: The medicines will be given as per the type of allergy you are having. Consult the doctor who should conduct the necessary tests and provide prescriptions. Epinephrine is a medicine which is used in most cases and can be lifesaver. You already know excessive histamine causes the allergic reaction and thus using antihistamine should work for an allergy patient.